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Browse your data with ease! Flag, Instant Form, Bar chart, Histogram, Sorting, Color ....
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Your dream tool for your tabular data set. "Oh, No! Somebody messed up our database."
That's not you. When you hear somebody yelling this, think about DataDynamica's Data Explorer. DX reads ACCESS file and saves the Table or Query data into another grid file format.
Yes, we know what you want! In this information age, data is no longer static. We  design this fantastic DYNAMIC data organizer, browser and calculator for you. 

-- Our philosophy of software design

Free trial software now available. Try before you buy.
Download now. DXsetup.exe (4,759KB)
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This smart Data Explorer for ACCESS (Professional Edition reads Flat Text files as well) offers all you need for common business practices. Navigating, sorting, ranking, searching, filtering, grouping, retrieving, and drag-drop copying. This is a software you have been dreaming for a long time. Why not try it and feel it now? Open a sample data file and manipulate it. Guarantee you will love it. 

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Please take a closer look at every detail

Hint: Toolbar, Tool tip, Flag Column, Font Type, Font Color,  Sort by Column, DB Tree View, Query, SQL, Record Count, Record Num, Form View, Row Height, Multi-line Cell, Resizable Panels and Windows, Current File Name, Tables List, Fields List, Drag-Drop Copying, Mouse Pointer, Status Bar and Messages, International Languages, (Following Features not shown on this screen shot): Click (row change), Double-Click (set flag), Right-Click (popup menu), Column Statistics, SQL, Menu Item Checked, and Most of All, Speed Performance.

DataDynamica turns your database browsing into Colorful and Dynamic experience.

   See the forest, see the trees
   Table and instant Form view display at the same time
   Import ACCESS, Comma Delimited, and Tab Delimited files
   Excel files? - Copy-and-paste or drag-and-drop
   Sort on any column - ascending or descending at one click
   Search by typing
   Rearrange column position
   Retrieve Query Defines too
   Let's play SQL - easy and fun Go to Learning SQL
   Copy and paste to Excel, Word, and other Windows apps
   Instant statistic graphics.
   Great tool for Student Grading or Scientific and Engineering data browsing.

Check here to see the auto-cycle slide show. Or, select item from the drop-down list box below.



  • Good news or bad news. ACCESS 2000 is still a pain to browse table or query data.

  • Now Microsoft knows, and ACCESS users expect, database treeview should be designed in this way.

  • This software is designed for ordinary people like you. You will not see too technical terminology here.

  • 'Yes, we know what you want' is our philosophy of designing this software. If you think right mouse click will be nice to do something, it's there. If you think double-click should do something, it's there.

  • We dare to compare. To achieve a same task, please compare the number of mouse clicks and moves and the time it takes.

  • We dare to compare. What functions you would like to have for a data browser or a data editor we have here and they don't?

  • Your satisfaction of using this tool is our pride.

  • Instant Form view is nice when you have long record data. No need to scroll to the far right.

  • Adjustable row height for multi-line text field

  • Individual record on one instant form

  • Field (column) order changes as you rearrange column positions on the right panel

  • List of the Field (column) name for both Table and Query

  • Display SQL for current Query

  • Open Queries with parameters

  • Learn your SQL from here -- It's easy, it's fun Go to Learning SQL

  • SQL in DataDynamica is much easier - you double-click the table or field name instead of typing

  • Educational site for SQL techniques now available Go to Learning SQL

  • And finally, save your work to TwinGrid grid file format

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    Download demo (trial) version now. DXsetup.exe (4,759KB) -- or Order now (only $62)

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    One click to get Instant Bar Chart and Histogram (Frequency Distribution)!
    Whether you are a manager, an analyst, a scientist or engineer, you want the numbers and you also want the charts.
    How long will it take you to generate these charts from your data?
    Here in Data Explorer, it takes only two clicks - one click on the specific column, one click on the bar chart icon.
    Data Explorer automatically senses the numeric column you want to have a chart.
    If your data is in Excel, just copy and paste or drag and drop to here.
    If your data is in a flat file, whether comma delimited or tab delimited, just open it.
    Try apply this amazing tool to your business and tell us your testimony. You definitely will love it.

    DataDynamica Pro Version
    Open Comma Delimited Text File, Tab Delimited Text File
    Save to fast load TWG Grid File --> more info
    Go to Version comparisons

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