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Can you answer this Real Life Investment Question?
Are you using a false IRR from Excel? Tell me more

ROR(IRR), NPV, FV, Pay-back.....
Calculate Net Present Value (NPV), Future Value (FV), Rate of Return (Internal Rate of Return, IRR), Payback Period, Modified IRR (MIRR), Present Worth Cost (PWC), Present Worth Revenue (PWR), Benefit-Cost Ratio and Present Value Ratio  at your finger tips -- all at one click.
You only need to enter the cash flows and highlight the range. Let Precision does the rest for you.
Instant changes on all figures when you select the Period Type from Yearly to Quarterly, Monthly, Bi-monthly, Bi-weekly, Weekly, or  Non-period (Exact Date).
Instant changes on all figures when you type in any single digit to the Discount Rate box.