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Payment Sensitivity Analysis (Professional Version)
Calculate 13x5 scenarios at one time for Fixed Term, Fixed Loan and Fixed Rate.
Check how sensitive is the payment to the Loan Amount and Interest Rate
-- Fixed Term
  • The highlighted Loan Amount, Interest Rate and Payment are from the first tab 'Terms'  where you calculate the values.
  • Select preset interest rate or loan amount increments, or even enter your own values and press Enter key.
  • The sensitivity table data instantly refreshes when you change the incremental values.
  • If you used a similar product before, you can quickly tell the difference of the performance. You can only feel it by using it.
  • This analytic table shows how your payment will change when you decide you want to borrow more or less, or when interest rates change.
  • You have control over the uncertainties.
  • Financial advisors, this is your must tool to explain the scenarios to your customers.
  • Available to copy the table data to Excel, Word or other Windows applications.