Precision Financial Calculator

Version 6.1    August, 2002


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Using Precision

Investment Analysis
Exact Date Cash Flows (XIRR)
Project Economic Evaluation Worksheet
Multiple Worksheets Cash Flows Import
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Example 1-1   Calculate NPV, IRR, FV from Cash Flows
Example 1-2    Investment Comparisons
Example 1-3    How IRR and MIRR apply to you
Example 1-4    Timing makes a difference on NPV
Example 1-5    Why you got a different NPV using Excel
Example 1-6    Calculate Rate of Return from accounting records
Example 1-7    Simple Future Value calculation
Example 1-8    A complicated project economic evaluation
Example 2-1    Depreciation Calculation
Example 3-1    Mortgage payment and refinance
Example 3-2    Additional Principal Payments
Example 3-3    A Thousand-Year Loan
Example 3-4    Effective APR
Example 4-1    Inflation Calculation
Example 5-1    Annuity Calculation - 401(K) Savings 
Example 5-2    Annuity Calculation - Distributions 
Example V-1    Verify IRR  
Example V-2    Verify Reinvestment Interest Rate  
Example V-3    Verify different period duration 
Example V-4    Investment and Loan: Two sides of a coin


Depreciation: ADS Conventions GDS MACRS Methods
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