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2. Select the item to be calculated
3. Enter the other two values
4. Click on the box you want to calculate

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Try 15 years $120,000 loan with 8% interest rate.
Then go check our Payment Sensitivity Analysis.

Power of compounding !!
In mortgage calculations, most of us pay too much attention to the interest rate and ignore other more important factors of financing. Time is one of them. Try how much you need to pay additionally for a 15 years loan compared to a 30 years loan. You save 15 years of torturing by paying that additional amount of money monthly.

Precision Financial Calculator provides you more capabilities of scenario analysis and more interesting real-world examples. Go to our Quiz1. Take one minute to think about your financing strategies and save 880 years of torturing for nothing! 

Precision Financial Calculator is not just like a numeric calculator you are playing here. If you are a loan officer, a project manager, a banker, or a household decision maker, Precision is a must tool. 


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