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For detailed definitions of IRR and NPV, click the link above then select User's Manual from the menu. Or, click here to view the page without menu sidebar.

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James Ko, Ph.D.
Input Cash Flows:
Enter negative values for cash outflow (investment) and positive for cash inflow (revenue). See example on the right.  
Invest $100,000 in Year 1 and receive revenues $50,000, $40,000, $30,000, $20,000 from Year 2 to 5. What is the Investment Rate of Return? If the required rate of return (discount rate) is 3.125%, what is the net present value?

Enter cash flows -100000, 50000, 40000, 30000, 20000 for Year 1 to 5. Enter 3.125 to the Discount Rate box, then click 'Calculate' button. 

The rate of return of this investment project is 17.804%. The net worth of this project is $31,135.61


 (Internal Rate of Return) IRR:


 (Net Present Value) NPV:




Discount Rate:  %

IRR is independent of the Discount Rate. To calculate NPV, enter a discount rate which may be your cost of borrowing rate.

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Power of DCFROR Analysis!!

Discount Cash Flow Rate of Return Analysis is a very useful tool to help you analyze your investment projects. Investment is not a gambling. With this analyzing tool you have full control of the future. From borrowing capitals, buying equipment, scheduling productions, projecting future market, you know all combinations make differences. With DCFROR analysis, you know which path is going to maximize the value of you project.

If you say you are not a person to do this kind of big projects, at least you should have a tool to compare whether to lease a car paying monthly payments or purchase a new one. 

Precision Financial Calculator provides you more capabilities of scenario analysis and more interesting real-world examples. Precision Financial Calculator is not just like a numeric calculator you are playing here. The user's manual provides you a thorough  understanding of financial calculations. If you are looking for how NPV and IRR are derived, you will appreciate what the author, Dr. Ko, can offer you in the booklet. 


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