TwinGrid Email Parser/TwinGrid FTP Order Form

(This form is for order by mail. For Credit Card On-line Order,
please go to our secure site at to place your order. After your 
payment is completed, your information automatically entitled 
you as a registered user. However, you can still have the printed 
user's manual and the installation diskettes by paying extra 
Shipping and Handling fee.)

        Name: __________________ 

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        City: __________________ 

        State: __________________ 

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        FAX: __________________ (for registration code)

        E-Mail: __________________________________

        Type: 32bit for Win95/98/NT
        Media:  diskettes 
                    send me registration code by fax
        Price: $ 39.00 TwinGrid Email Parser
                  $ 89.00 TwinGrid FTP
         Quantity: _______ 
              S&H: _______  
       Sub Total: ________ 
       Sales Tax: ________ 
              Total: ________ 
  1. TwinGrid FTP includes all functions in Email Parser.
    See volume discount below.
  2. Shipping and Handling fee. Add $3 for each additional  copy. US domestic regular mail or international airmail.
  3. If you select registration code, fill in $0 to S&H.
  4. Colorado residents add 4.8% on Sub Total
License of use: 
TwinGrid Email Parser:
       5 copies $125, 10 copies $200, $16 each copy above 10.
TwinGrid FTP:
      5 copies $400, 10 copies $700, $60 each copy above 10.

This software permits you to use only one copy on a single
machine. For more License Agreement information, please read
the License.txt file located at the application directory.

Warning: this computer program is protected by copyright law and
international treaties. Unauthorized use, reproduction or
distribution of this program or any portion of it, may result
in severe civil and criminal penalties and will be prosecuted
under law.

1. 30 days satisfaction guarantee. 
2. As a registered user you get free technical support and free
    quote on web site design, programming and data processing services. 
3. Please print and mail this form and make one check or money
    order (outside USA) payable to :

    DataDynamica International, Inc.
    486 East Bexley Street
    Littleton, Colorado 80126
    Phone: (303)471-6271

4. You will receive a user's manual, three installation floppy diskettes. 
5. Upgrade policy: You pay the list price difference for newer version 
    plus shipping and handling fee if any. 
6. Any question or suggestion please send email or visit our
    web site: