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Note: Your machine must be an IBM PC compatible one and the operation system must be Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP. If you are not sure, please download, install and run the free trial version before purchase.


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Professional Version 7.0

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TWGsetup.EXE 3,595KB (7.0b last update 8/15/02

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$79 for registration code. Need Registration code to activate.
$95 for installation CD.
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(7.0b Last update 8/15/02

What's New on Version 7.0
  • Customized column define screen (header, data type, data format and alignment).
  • Arithmetic for highlighted area (sum, count and average).
  • Sheet printing.
  • Mailing labels printing (dynamic columns assigned and format/formula selections).
  • Move a block of rows up and down.
  • Optional first line header or data for opening CSV comma delimited or TXT tab delimited files.
  • Target on record-based data explorer. Form reader is just one of the functions.
  • Fixed bugs on saving file dialog after file being edited or changed.
  • Navigation buttons on form panel.
  • Row height adjustment buttons.
  • Version 7.0b fixed bug in Column Attributes function.

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