TwinGrid Address Book
Auto Internet map
, phone dial, Mail To(s) fill, web link, mailing labels printing, sorting, searching,..... All you can think of an address book should offer. Never retype the addresses again and again.

TwinGrid Dynamic Mailing Labels Printing
Assign your own fields and format for labels printing


TwinGrid Form Reader  Yellow Pages Grabber

Open your TwinGrid database file
Press F5 key or select Print Mailing Labels from the File menu


There are 5 lines of space you can print on either 3x10, 2x10 or 2x5 labels
Check the line number you want to print
Each cell in the Col column contains the column (field) names

Each cell in the Separator column contains the separator options
Press Sample button to preview the first record label
Press Reset button to pick up the first 5 columns for standard label format
Press Print & Preview button to preview


Preview your print out
Note that each sheet fits standard 3x10, 2x10 or 2x5 peel-off label format
Press Close button to cancel and go back to the design window
Press Print button to print labels to the printer
Enjoy your printouts!!