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(same as Yellow Pages Grabber)

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Now use Reverse Lookup to catch starting phone numbers in your town

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(5.1M Last update 10/25/2008. Now included in Yellow Pages Grabber People Search)

( $198/$49  YPSG 3.8)

Our users are really happy that they can now buildup their own contact database and print the mailing labels all by themselves!

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Although WPG can do the excellent job, please do not use this as a tool for unsolicited calls.


Now available for U.S. People Pages

Comercial: Send advertising mail to the people in your town 
Administrative: Build up people database in any specific area 

Collect and manage mailing lists from the Internet White Pages searching engines
Your smart personal marketing tool for
Direct Mail in your town. 
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  • Automatically grab multiple pages - thousands of records in a few minutes
  • One-click Instant on-line Internet Map link, no need to type the address again and again
  • 3 times faster than any of our competitors  
  • Much better handling of exceptions (incompleted address) than any of our competitors 
  • One-click sorting, editing, searching, web site linking.....
  • Instant worksheet list printing  
  • Instant mailing labels printing >> 

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Collecting and managing mailing data grabbed from the net Yellow Pages Super Grabber  
Collect and manage your business contact information from the Internet Yellow Pages searching engines. Your personal marketing tool for Direct Mail. As good as the White Pages Grabber you are using here.

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