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Another two random screen shots showing the costs a typical marketing or list company may charge you.

Compare Listing Company Yellow Pages Grabber Comment
74 leads (records)


Same approach - select from business type and city.
2,000 leads $500(?) $0
Less than 1 minute.
20,000 leads $2,000(?) $0
Reach this number in a few minutes.
Sorting by zip code none $0
One click in YPG.
Filtering and selecting none $0
Sorting, searching and selecting rows in YPG.
Mailing labels Extra $ $0
They print the labels for you.
Use as database no yes
Sorting, searching and on-cell data editing
Select rows for printing no yes
Ctrl-click to select rows for mailing labels printing.
Additional Mailing labels Extra $$ $0
You have no control on the mailing labels.
Large size 2x5 Mailing labels none $0
No such options for theirs.
Delivery Free(?) $0
You print the labels by yourself in YPG.
Excel format $0 $0
They send you the list 'that works with Excel'.
Diskette Extra $ $0
YPG stores data on your hard drive.
Allow list preview? no WYSWYG
You pay the money first. For YPG, What You See is What You Get
Data up-to-date? not sure Yes
Yellow pages sites have the most current data.
Address and phone optional both
You pay more for advanced package.
Time limit 1 year(?) unlimited
Data you collect is all yours.
Capital cost $0 $298
Recover your investment within a couple days. Then start saving big $$.

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