Print Mailing Labels from Microsoft Word
for TwinGrid and Yellow Pages Grabber


From TwinGrid or Y2M, save data file as a comma-delimited file (*.csv). 


The .csv file is a pure text file with the first line as the column titles. 


In Word, select New from the File menu. 



Select Mailing Label Wizard (under Letters and Faxes tab).  


Select Create labels from a mailing list.


From the Mail Merge Helper window, select Get Data -> Open Data Source from the item number 2 -- Data source.


Open the comma delimited CSV file you previously saved. 



Select Avery Standard 5160 (3x10) or 5661 (2x10) format.

Design the labels by clicking the Insert Merge Field button. Add appropriate fields to the Sample label box. 
You can also add bar code. To add bar code, click the
Insert Postal Bar Code button and select ZipCode field.



After you define the fields, click Merge button.


Click Merge button again.



You will automatically get this print preview. Select Print from the File menu to print to the printer.


Enjoy your finished labels!

Hate to do this? Try our One-click preview and print -->  More Details...  


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