One Click to Print the Mailing Address Labels
for TwinGrid files (.twg) in TwinGrid, YPSG or Y2M


Whether you are using TwinGrid or YPG, the first 5 columns must be
Company (or Name), Street, City, State, and ZipCode. We are going to generate 
a standard three-line address label printout.
For dynamic mailing labels printing, go to TwinGrid 

Open an existing data file (.twg) or work on the current file. 


Select Print Mailing Labels from the File menu or just press F5 key (YPG Ctrl-M). 

Select printing options
from the dialog window.

Click the Print & Preview button.  


Click OK to print, Preview to preview.

Click Print to print, Close to cancel and return to the options window.


That's it! One click to print the mailing labels.
Try another way from Word -->
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