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$198 / $59 Why pay more for short term use? Worth to buy? Compare the costs>

                   Make sure you have fully tested the program before you buy it !!
(Version 3.8 Build 202 last update 11/19/2008)
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Version 3.1 is available to download for free trial. You need to download and install the trial version before purchase. This software is sold per machine license basis. For detailed license agreement, please refer to the User Agreement when you install the program. Each copy running on your single machine has an unique serial number and an unique key for each site. There is a 90-day / 7-day time limit on every site key. When the key expires you need to repurchase the key. However, you can still use the program for data processing, mailing label printing and instant Internet map even the grabbing license key expires. You need to submit the serial number to us. When your order is completed, we will send you the registration code and the key files via email to activate the program. No installation CD-ROM is currently available. The program checks the license code every time it runs. When your system crashes or you reformat your hard drive you need to get a new code from us again. There may be some charge for this service.

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YellowBook WhitePage SuperPages (Canada) ufindus (UK)YellowPages (Australia)Other**

Premium version $198 ( 1 site with base 90 days key license) Why?
       Site key extension only $90 ( license) Condition

Short Term version  $59 ( 1 site with base 7 days key license)  Why?

      -- Get grabbing job done in one week and process later! Why pay more for short term use? 
            Site key extension only $39 ( license) Condition

        **(For other searching sites, please specify the URL and email us. We will inform you the availability)

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