Sound Effect Java Applet Calculator

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This applet features:

  • Sound effect 

  • Last operator

  • Hand pointer

  • +, -, x, /, square and square root

  • Link to our Home page

  • Compact, working on your browser



If the applet above works fine with your browser, you may click here to have a separate float window shown on the left.

If your browser supports Java, the applet above should work. If not, you may either upgrade your browser version or click here to go to a Java2 applet version. If you don't have Java2 Plugin 1.3 (5M), it will prompt you to install. However, both Java2 Plug-in and Netscape6 are slow in running the applet. We recommend you to use Netscape 4.7x or IE 5.0 and above with Microsoft Virtual Machine installed.

Like this? Download (20K only). Unzip it to your local directory and open this Main.htm.