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Watch your Effective Interest Rate        How do I know if a mortgage calculator is accurate? Answer
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Graphics Presentation -- A Key to the Success of Your Financial Planning

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handheld financial calculator Precision financial calculator
cumbersome numerical input
confusing key punches
one screen one single result
easy to screw up
results cannot be stored, transferred or printed
limited functions
not allow exact-date cash flows
no payment schedule or amortization table
inadequate handling of multiple IRRs
no scenario comparisons
no reinvestment MIRR
no APR calculator
absolutely no graphics.......
most accurate calculations
tested by thousands of serious users for six years !
visual input and output
Investment DCFROR calculator and graphs
one click for all financial parameters --
    NPV, IRR, Payback, FV, MIRR, XIRR, 
    Present Worth Cost, Present Worth Rev,
    Benefit Cost Ratio, Present Value Ratio...

scenario comparisons Store and Retrieve case data
New! Cash Flow imported from Excel New!
MS-Office OLE compatible --
    copy, paste and print results
cash flows of all kinds --
    monthly, yearly, quarterly,..
exact-date IRR and NPV
Depreciation Calculator New!
Loan calculator : payment schedule 
Loan graphs
Balloon Payment New!
Additional Principal Payments New! 
cumulative sum of interest paid 
cumulative sum of principal paid 
Payment Sensitivity Analysis  
APR calculator
Annuity calculator and graphs New!
Inflation calculator
instant formula display
online help and examples
elegant feeling of speed and mouse clicking
elegant screen design
User's manual --
     explanation and derivation of formulas
Free email tech support for one year
designed for professionals
European number and date systems compatible
online financial calculator
common mortgage calculator only
sometimes not accurate
monthly payment only
term in years only
very limited functions ......
other financial software
no scenario comparisons
mostly no IRR, NPV calculator
no exact-date cash flows
mostly too complicated to use
lots of glitches, you will hate to use
no reinvestment MIRR
mostly no APR calculator
mostly not what you need .....

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